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Submitted by AngelHeart on 21.03.2010
DescriptionFinally here it is.
2 way map with a bit of a twist. Please suggest improvements and alert me to any bugs you find.
Too many redstone mines?

- Both Occulders pointed out have been removed.
- Fixed a tone of issues. Hopefully works fine now.
- Worker paths working well.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

Rating: 1 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]

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06.11.2009, 04:00
I have not had he chance to download and test, but in the mid section colored brown, are the two mid stone mines on the same level and within seeing distance?

personally, if they were, i'd make 1 to fight over. ;D

06.11.2009, 04:21
nice, looks like it'll be fun. I'll download it and check it out tonight
06.11.2009, 09:27
The middle has 2 grimps walls and a bridge which can be passed by smaller units. Looking over the walls you can see the other mines.

10.11.2009, 22:37
are you supposed to be able to climb on the mountains anywhere? up near one of the far corners mines there is a hut3 that a person can use to easily up on the mountain.
11.11.2009, 08:15
No, mountains are supposed to be blocked off. Should be fixed now.
18.11.2009, 03:28
Awesome looking map, good work.
18.11.2009, 05:15
18.11.2009, 05:46
I think a new minimap would do this map great justice.
Something richly textured, the current one is a little blurry and the textures are blotchy.
18.11.2009, 10:04
Two Grims walls are there to be destroyed. It lets Players from the middle jump down onto the other path. If you believe it will harm gameplay I will remove them.

I enhanced the original minimap a bit. Its too much work to redraw the whole thing.
18.11.2009, 13:36
I'll give it a worker pathing/exploit test then. I'll add it to the mappack too.

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In-Game Statistics
Game plays74
Game draws17
Human wins14
Beast wins43
Avg. minutes36

In-Game Reviews
01.12.2015, 17:53
Creative, but kinda biased towards beast.
18.01.2015, 07:52
28.04.2013, 18:18
Best game ever! :)
27.04.2013, 17:26
bit chaotic!
09.12.2012, 18:48
good map
02.07.2012, 10:56
good map
16.02.2012, 22:59
great map but hard to understand the minimap

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