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Welcome to the Maps Section!
If you need help feel free to contact one of our mapping admins or post in the Forum's Mapping Section.

IMPORTANT: Put your map's status to "waiting for final check" if you want a map admin to have a look at it, as they will search for maps with that status. If you don't want your map uploaded right away just add a note in the description or as comment.
Uploading a map is now opposed by an automatic file check system - read up on the whitelisted cvars here.
If you think more cvars and commands should be whitelisted, please post in the Forum's Mapping Section.
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Normal Savage · Duels · Samurai Wars · Football
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Overhead MapNameDateAuthor / EditorSizePlayersRating
xr_vizixx25.12.2018Vectile64 x 64 - -
xr_projectvectile225.12.2018Vectile64 x 64 - -
xr_eden214.12.201864 x 64 - -
xr_black13.12.2018mutan64 x 64 - -
eazy12.11.2018Tjens / kLLik64 x 64 - 4
mine09.08.2018Mr. Bollos64 x 64 - 1
dm_skull24.06.2018Tirza64 x 64 - -
infect_skull24.06.201864 x 64 - -
amizi06.06.2018kLLik64 x 64 - -
xr_jump10.05.2018Nanaa64 x 64 - 1
Pages: [1] [2] [3] ... [203]

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Size: x
online - needs fixing
offline - old, redundant version
under development
under development - waiting for the final check
under development - waiting for fixing
Overhead Status:existant
not existent
overhead map request
Number of Teams:
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