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Savage XR 1.4
June 15, 2018, 09:03:44 am by Daemon

15 years after the initial release of Savage: The Battle for Newerth
6 years after the release of the fan-made Savage XR 1.0

The legendary LEADERS have arrived!

Experience Ophelia, the Beast Horde matriarch and Jeraziah, the revered leader of the Legion of Man, fighting over the dominance of Newerth, with Savage XR 1.4!

video by Tjens

New Features | Patch Notes

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Savage XR 1.4 RC
June 01, 2018, 08:33:11 pm by Daemon

Savage XR 1.4 (Release Candidate) is up. A final announcement will be made after ironing out the possible quirks, next week. Until then, please head over to Patch Notes.

Update: versioning is not working :P. Will have to fix that so that auto-updater triggers.
Update #2: Patch is live!

Update #3: We may have a server stability problem. Please try and watch for events that may have caused the server to crash. Thanks.
In the meanwhile, some new loadout GUI functions may be disabled (like the new leader button hiding when they're taken).


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XR Aprils fools returns this year in the most literal sense! (2-4-2018)
April 02, 2018, 10:32:50 pm by Tjens


Keeping in tradition with previous years, this year's April Fools had something special! At some point late at night during the rise of the second of April some curious nomad clicked on his hunting bow in the loadout to discover he had a Boomerang instead! The Boomerang has only 80 damage but it fires surprisingly quickly and in classic boomerang flavour it whirls back to its origin point after it has reached its max range, surprising any beasts still lingering there.

Rumor has it that the Boomerang was initially a hack originating from Australian players who, frustrated by their inability to hit any players from Europe because they're literally worlds away, came up with a way to have their projectiles zoom back to their targets to compensate for their lag issues! But that's just a rumor of course!

In response to the new human Boomerang, beast players cried out in disgust about this ever prevalent human privilege. Never mind those pesky win rates all the stat geeks are talking about; when humans get a new weapon, the horde should get one as well, damnit! And so the benevolent game devs [dev edit: stop sucking up, Tjens!] also added a new beast weapon to the game's arsenal. It's a skull. And you can throw it. Good luck hitting anything other than an immobile critter, but it's a weapon! Yay! [dev edit: you can also hit stationary nomads trying to block around. :/ ]

What did you think about this year's April Fools'?

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Gameplay changes test month
July 10, 2017, 08:55:58 pm by Daemon


Hello again. Although ingame patch news is certainly more convenient to read than forum, we're letting everyone know about the hands-on, all-practice-no-theory, gameplay test changes weeks. This way, be it supporter or opposer of said changes, everyone has the chance to experience first-hand some of the most controversial subjects with some of the more controversial changes.

Week 0: Already happening since XR 1.3 - Behemoth sprint.
Week 1: Behemoth sprint + Behemoth melee hit slow down to 1/5 movement speed.
Week 2: Behe rolled back, Sac and Fire Wards switch places (Sac tier 1, Wards tier 2).
Week 3: Sac and Fire Wards switch kept; researching any tier 2 items may skip researching tier 1 items first.
Week 4: 1-hit-1-kill effect removed from Ballista and Summoner ranged attacks, by reducing damage vs. foot units (Lego and Pred survive 1 hit)
Week 5: 1h1k is restored for Preds/Legos lower than lvl6. Summoner gets magical melee attack that pushes enemies back and Ballista gets a Field Service Mode where it can be repaired and restocked.


Thanks for giving us some leeway to experiment by voting for more frequent patches, in such large percentage (72% for daily/weekly/monthly). After the test weeks are done, we're going to roll everything back and analyze the results, and make permanent - or remove - any and all changes.

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XR 1.3
April 03, 2017, 02:29:46 pm by Daemon

Savage XR 1.3 has been released!

By now, most of us are aware of this patch. And the ones that followed, meant at fixing this patch. Bust still: YESSS!
Thank you all for bearing with us while we were ironing out the issues that were reported after the first public test, inherent whenever such a huge update occurs. And i mean HUGE! Check out the topics below!

Developer Patch Notes  |  Public Requests Thread  |  Re-balance Discussions

And the subsequent XR patch notes and discussions:
XR 1.3 Hotfixes   |  XR 1.3.1  |  XR 1.3.2  |  XR 1.3.3

Besides the countless bug fixes, improvements, anti-cheat measures, new content and balance changes, XR 1.3 shipped with 2 major new additions:

A brand new, unique, python based Instagib server by drk
CEL Shading support (although still WIP) by Crashday


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