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November 10, 2014, 09:40:22 pm by Daemon

Clan Management Re-enabled

As the title says, 6 weeks after the ingame accounts security incident, we're re-enabling the clan commands. We've given responsible clan admins plenty time to request password changes for their clan founder accounts, so if any of them still gets haxed, it's because their owners couldn't be arsed to follow a simple password change procedure. Although work on the new auth is not over, it will be in time for NSL6. We're already testing the new auth system and Newerth's own masterserver on populated public servers, so rest assured there's no password breaking and no admin script abuse this time around.

We've also re-opened the Maps section. Map authors can now submit and update their works. In order to prevent any unwanted use of map trigger scripts, like the one causing this map system hiatus, we've put a map checking script in place that does the work for the XR Mappers (formerly known as Map Admins). It makes sure maps are clean as far as scripts are concerned, and maps will not be used as Trojan horses for purposes they were not meant to serve.

That is not the only credentials change there's been made. We've carried out an extensive Admin clean up and we've tightened Newerth security. There are numerous layers of protection in place, using a grid to assign to various contributors the access rights they require to function and nothing more, like, say... a free pass to everything! To explain how this works: For instance, not knowing when i might go mad like some people we know, i've given up the uber-powerful Administrator position in favor of more specialized roles. I now have XR Main Dev, Forum Administrator and XR Gameplay Manager rights - so haters, watch out, new gameplay content gonna hit the game soon!

Referee assigning system is also being reworked, mainly by none other than your friendly neighborhood server owner and one of the 2 top-tier Newerth Admins, Groentjuh. When that's done, recent logs will be a nice place to pick exploiters to ban kk.

All that stuff and a staggering amount of other security, netcode and exploit fixes, most of which we got Clemens to thank for, will be bundled into a patch that's going to be released soon enough. Again, we have to see those in place before NSL6 begins. Valli is still working on finishing the new auth that totally rewrites and removes the C++ portion that was still left operational and abusable. We even have the NSL6 trophy ready before the kick-off, unlike previous seasons :P.

Over and out.

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Clan Management Status
October 25, 2014, 08:59:07 pm by Hakugei

Clan Management Status

I've been asked about Clan Management too often already, so here's the current state of affairs.
Said Clan Management is still disabled because too many major clan founder and leader account details were spread around during the recent "account hacking" incident.
Until these major clans have all their founder and leader accounts either replaced or their passwords changed, it would be nonsensical to enable Clan Management and risk having all these clans get broken down and deleted.
A few clans have already taken care of this, but evidently certain other clans need clear directions to even realize.

Clan leaders are to send in their new passwords to have them manually changed and thus secure their clan's survival for re-enabling.
Ideally, the Clan Leaders themselves should gather up the passwords of their Founders/Leaders/Admins and send them all at once to ensure reliability and completion. Do not send password change requests to just anyone; you are to send your password change requests (REMEMBER: Major clans only!) to Groentjuh. To save him some effort and time, please add some kind of proof that you are indeed who you say you are. In case Groentjuh has a too big backlog, I'll be another Admin you can request password changes from. (Not yet! Wait for him to say so.)

To make it easy to change your password, send Groentjuh a private message in which you mention:

Since this is all taking way too long, DEADLINE is in 2 weeks (~November 9th).
Any clans that couldn't be bothered to take care of this by then will have to handle any consequences that may arise by themselves.
So, Savage clan members, please contact your clan leaders to make sure they know.

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September 26, 2014, 09:32:07 pm by Daemon

In order to improve security to the authentication protocols, we had to temporarily shut down access to the Auth sever. Will put it back on as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please read the NEWS UPDATE here.

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Savage XR 1.1
September 04, 2014, 11:34:27 pm by Daemon

SAVAGE XR 1.1 Patch

Just in time for Savage's 11th anniversary, the Savage XR 1.1 patch is released! Its main features:

  • A new way to handle Officer status related events.
  • Bug fixes and new cheat prevention mechanisms.
  • The gameplay changes that the community devised.

For a detailed changelog and comments, please go HERE.

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Savage XR Video: Legacy
June 27, 2014, 03:06:08 pm by H3027

Tirza is excited to release her first video that isn't primarily about promoting Savage XR and its events, but about pure fragging fun! This special project features Legacy's gameplay highlights from the past couple of years.

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