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Elementary Mod by Bobbe
April 25, 2015, 06:03:58 pm by Daemon

The new "elementary" mod that is now present in XR is meant to be played once in a while for a bit of fresh fun. As its name suggests, instead of adding more powerful weapons, it attempts at offering a slower, more relaxed but eventful gameplay, especially in the early tiers. As a side note, there are some settings and visuals set to resemble Savage 2.0e.

As this mod hasn't undergone extensive multiplayer testing, it is likely some bugs could be encountered. You may ask "why this mod?". Elementary, my dear Watson. Because Bobbe!

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Savage XR Video: Shed No Tiers 2
April 24, 2015, 09:59:04 pm by H3027

Jumping over to the human side, jazzking is back to present a new video featuring a small but fearless nomad. More info and download link are available here.

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Map Jam 2015
March 15, 2015, 09:10:15 pm by Daemon

Are you tired of the same old maps? Do you constantly find yourself playing 3 team puchi or kinixxx over and over? We know the feels...

Fear not, for we came up with a solution!

Starting tomorrow, we are hosting a Map Jam Marathon!

For 2 Whole weeks starting Monday 16th Newerth will be hosting a Map Jam Marathon!

Every participating map maker will make one map per day, for 2 whole weeks! 14 whole new gorgeous delicious and perfectly balanced worlds to be played for decades!

Want to make a 4 team kinixx? No problem!
The floor is lava frency map filled with kongors?! Cant have too many of those!
A 8 vs 8 team momentum_2015?! We have absolutely no idea if it would even work, but lets make it anyway!

Check the mapping section for detailed info as well as loads of tutorials and how-to guides! Sign up to participate HERE

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Savage XR Video: Shed No Tiers
March 05, 2015, 07:34:22 pm by H3027

After two weeks of playing with the same unit, jazzking proudly presents an all-scavenger, all-rabid video. More info and download link are available here.

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November 19, 2014, 10:59:27 pm by Daemon

Decades come and go, games come and go, but you can always count on someone stepping up to the plate to push Savage that extra mile. Last time around, TNaismith had a stellar performance as NSL Manager. He could never be equaled in patience, dedication and thoroughness. Sometime I wonder if there can be life after TN at all... That challenge has been accepted by valli, the newest member of the Newerth team, maker of auths, leader of packs, bringer of rain. As such:

valli, NSL6 Manager, and Newerth, home of Savage XR, proudly present

Newerth Savage League
Season 6

A few things have changed since NSL5. Savage XR 1.1 was released, bringing a host of fixes and improvements and for the first time in many years, gameplay changes based on Community suggestions. Make sure you familiarize yourself with those, or if you haven't been around in a while, head on to the Download Area and get this uniquely awesome game that will always be totally free!

@Clan Representatives: Do not forget to check Clans Quorum . Important info awaits and you don't want your clan to be caught off-guard. Also, make sure your CQ Reps list of 3 names is up to date.

As for the other important resources - make sure that you check them out. Every competitions has rules and regulations designed to protect cheaters ehm... fair players and provide a reliable competition environment. Darkbread, our resident ruthless judge will be presiding the dispute committee comprised of himself.

As usual, the winning clan will be rewarded an unique item to be worn ingame. No more poor wildlife pelts tho, mkay?

I know I am forgetting something... oh, yeah. The "when". Right after New Year's, since any serious undertaking before Christmas is a fail like everything else in the world.

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