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Need help with stuff!
February 09, 2017, 01:33:47 pm by Daemon

Amazing: 2-news-posts-in-1!

As you might have heard, we had a data loss cause by 2 hard drive failures in close succession. Totally important to all our lives, also lost, was the php script for the random polls. But fret not, we still got the results and the last poll is relevant to my own contribution to the new Savage XR 1.3 patch.


Before adding any of the new stuff like caves, mobile spawn points, mining carts and stuff, we need to take care of the bugs and issues the community submitted. Clemens been slaving like a boss, fixing stuff left and right, literally 20h/day. But there are some things we need help with tracking down and reproducing. Here's a short list. Please help!

  • Fix demo not getting traced by melee while lego is standing on it
  • Fix the spawn gui occasionally freezes
  • Fix loadout sometimes not changing?
  • Fix behe swing animation not showing, rarely
  • Improve building-placement delays probably caused by lag, connection errors, and bad ping

We would need detailed and/or precise instructions in order to replicate the conditions needed to reproduce the bugs. And no, not even demo bug happens every time and yes, surrounding objects like buildings, units, props and stuff, do affect the trace.


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Here we go again...
January 30, 2017, 05:09:55 pm by Daemon

Community Driven Patch

It's open season on Savage XR bug fixes, changes and new content. Head on over to submit suggestions, reports and requests HERE.

For gameplay changes, please post HERE.

A fair warning to everyone: The community discussing the issues you raised is important, but ultimately, you need to formulate pertinent, precise suggestions, properly explained and backed by compelling arguments from the start. This makes it easier for us to adopt your p.o.v., and add your requests to the TODO list - and not just dismiss them outright for lacking reasons and detail. Or for being illogical, lazy, half-baked ideas :).


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November 17, 2016, 10:20:22 pm by H3027

After creating Savage Cry in 2013, Nanaa is back with a new Savage XR frag movie featuring Blade's gameplay highlights from 2013-2014.

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PuG CUP 2016 #2
August 25, 2016, 09:34:35 pm by Telvek

Welcome to the
PuG CUP 2016 #2

General Info          Signups          Rules          Map Pool          Questions

Organizers: Telvek and Jegenrapo

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Savage Resurrection in EA
May 21, 2016, 08:36:53 am by Groentjuh

Savage Resurrection
Early Access available on Steam now!

S2Games has released Savage Resurrection on Steam. It costs 22,99 euro or your regional equivalent and gives you early access to Savage Resurrection. Currently there is a 20% additional discount.

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