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Submitted by Notausgang on 29.04.2007
DescriptionA 4 team map, the first properly playable one, I hope.
No 4 Bases in the map corners and one big slaughter in the middle, but 2 teams each fighting each other. The winner of the 2 teams has to wait 30 seconds and can then proceed through the path which the enemy's sh/lair was blocking. It can then attack the other two teams without either of them being able to the to the team's base, as long as it not has defeated its real opponent.
In General, there's an advantage for the team which first finishes of its opponent.
There shouldn't be too much gold or stone and rather open terrain with some intersecting valleys and bridges; here and there cover is provided though, e.g. a choke style forward garr/sub per base.

In the middle of the map there is an un-die-able grimms wall to serve off the grimms noobs, as hell' suggested ;-D
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines10
G. Mines2

Rating: 4.45 stars (11 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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30.04.2007, 08:29
Choppy overheads ftl :-/
30.04.2007, 09:32
yay - an undiable grimms is even better than 100 grimms walls

02.05.2007, 05:31
this is a great idea, has it played yet
03.05.2007, 11:52
Too bad the map seems too complicated for most ppl -.- (also half of the teams actually were attacking grimms xD)
It was played only once yet, I guess. First time I callvoted it some nab called a nextmap vote after no more than 10 seconds (as it was put on only minutes before he could impossibly have known the map already), and it passed...
Tolerance to new maps or anything new in general seems very low these days, which is also why I probably won't ever again spend one or two days to create another Savage map :-/

05.05.2007, 07:55
I feel your pain. uspwns seems to try new maps maybe try it over there and then just replace your grims with wall prop :)

05.05.2007, 07:56
also thought of a three way with a linear design where team two is in between 1 & 3, all noobs on teams 1 & 3 the stack team 2. It would be called outnoobered
15.05.2007, 11:41
well, im going to post about this on GameArena (AUS) mainly because i think this idea is fantastic. Cant wait to play it.

10.06.2007, 07:31
finally got to play it in savage game area. Very cool map. Only change I would have made was on the mini. The background texture and the red lines knida blen when shrunk down to the top of the screen. So the mini was hard to read. but other than that awesome. liked the object placement, hills, textures. was good
10.06.2007, 11:48
mergence_ is a fantastic map. it is the favourite map of about 6-7 members in my clan. fantastic work. The first (2v2) (2v2) map.
10.06.2007, 17:49
Thanks a lot :D

(might motivate me to finalize this somewhen :P)

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Game plays7
Game draws3
Human wins2
Beast wins2
Avg. minutes31

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