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Submitted by KingKong_ on 05.04.2017
DescriptionEver wish Savage could be more like water levels of Super Mario? This map is an attempt to answer that wish. Water-themed map with scripts, sounds and visual effects.


- Players can't breath underwater. As soon as they dive in a timer (visible as icon (like frenzy etc.) starts ticking, and after it's done the player begins taking damage from drowning. A player needs to come up for air before that happens.

- An oxygen bubble can be found underwater as an alternative way to extend the timer.

- Underwater versions of jumppads, with visual and sound effects.

- Jumping strength underwater is doubled to give the water a different feel.

The map uses some Creative Commons/Public domain/etc. images and sound effects, their authors are credited below:


Bubble_Highly Transparent:
author: Aneurysm

author: "PublicDomainPictures"
original: [LINK]
licence: public domain [LINK]
edited: lowered resolution, added transparency

author: Jyppe A. Quidores
original: [LINK]
licence: [LINK]
edited: (lowered resolution, added transparency)



author: Mike Koenig
original: [LINK]
licence: attribution 3.0
edited: changed audio format, slightly lowered bitrate

author: "Kayyy"
original: [LINK]
licence: attribution 3.0 [LINK]
edited: changed audio format, lowered bitrate

Fish Splashing:
original: [LINK]
licence: attribution 3.0 [LINK]
edited: changed audio format, lowered bitrate...


Updated for XR 1.3, sound effects should finally work.

Obligatory dots:...
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines3

Rating: 4 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
25.07.2014, 14:07
I had a quick look at this. Some rough edges but all in all a cute concept that you have executed nicely. It would be great to see you put just a little more time into this to really polish it up and make it something legitimately play worthy rather than just a novelty type map. Additionally, I wrote a message in the forums [LINK] with an art asset attached that you're welcome to use if you would like.
25.07.2014, 15:34
Thanks for the feedback. I think I need to make some major changes to this layout. Also the scripts and effects could still be improved, for one I'd like to play a constant sound while underwater, which probably requires using custom objects and their idle state (like sacrifice does).

I kept those bubbles very low resolution so the effects wouldn't hurt fps much, but I'll see if I could improve the resolution a bit and I'll try out how your bubble asset compares to the one I'm using currently.
21.03.2015, 13:13
Heavyly updated the map, I consider this ready unless map admins have further suggestions.
21.03.2015, 16:28
Very nice idea and nicely implemented.
The water doesnt look that much like water tho :P
Try painting the ground with blue and add a stone-3rd texture to the water ground level.
I just had a look at the map so its just a suggestion in advance :D
21.03.2015, 16:45
I'll try how it looks with stronger blue. There actually is stone texture mixed in there aswell, but I suppose it's a bit too weak, I'll also try strengthening it.
21.03.2015, 18:25
I think I'll have to try some decal or prop to block some of the too bright underwater wall areas from view, or make some changes to the terrain. As it is it's pretty much a choice between too light walls underwater or deep blue sand above the waterline.
22.03.2015, 21:05
Turn out the way I use to spawn soem of the effects only works on devworld, will have to see if I can make them work using states instead.
22.03.2015, 23:16

newest version of the map is there, more detailed descriptions of changes in my posts in the map jam thread, but improved/fixed painting and effects, and very small adjustment to terrain to make one of the hum forward positions more viable.
05.04.2017, 13:20
Map has been updated to take advantage of XR 1.3 features. Sound effects should finally work. Also minor adjustments. An redstone autominer has been added to the center area to make that part of the map more relevant, small red stone mines at bases removed to avoid stone over abundance.
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