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Submitted by AngelHeart on 20.07.2010
DescriptionA little map for the smaller (less occupied) servers.

2 bases, 4 red stone mines and 2 gold.

Combat based around the two inner mines in the center. Requiring use of dynamic props to reach your opponent.

I've spent some time ironing the bugs out of it. That being said, there's probably more.

Review well.
~ Angel

Update 1:
- removed upper waterfall exploit.
- added sounds effects to the map.
- fixed physics glitch in center.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline - but needs fixing
IssuesNice map


- What is the value of having the ammo triggers behind the two bases? Is it not faster for players to just return to their respective mains for refills?

- Are you meant to be able to reach the ammo triggers without using dynamic props? Because both are reachable without the props. Humans is hard and took me a while, beasts is very simple using a shimmy exploit next to the rock/village props

- The mains both look a little exposed, it will be hard for either team to push, but especially beasts.

- I am not sure you have provided enough incentive for teams to use the planks in the centre. The amount of work that goes into making a ramp is undone by the reasonably quick access from the mid to both bases. On top of this, it seems more likely that both teams will just rush ranged seige to take down opposing structures.

Ignoring this, your map making is as usual of a high quality and the map looks great. Lets sort this out and get it online.

~ Ane
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines2

Rating: 1 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]

20.07.2010, 12:36
wow, looks good! Seems like everyone is little in autumn feeling in the maps section ;). I will stick on to see how it´s working out with these dynamic props - think they can be fun, although when i tried to use them once it seemed bugged sh...
A little thing i found harsh in your map is the riversides, looks like easy to fall in the river and impossible to get out :p (But the idea with the plank over the riverend is great!) The walls also look very good as you placed them.

Hope we can play it soon!
20.07.2010, 13:41
Thank you for that comment Faun.

Regarding the open river banks. There are triggers in the streams that kill players who fall in so nobody will get stuck. :)
04.10.2010, 03:37
Unfortunately I'm having issues with the editor atm. So I can't modify the map at this time. I'll answer your queries though.

- Yes, returning to the main would be faster and I assume most players would do this. The ammo triggers are for players whom don't play properly eg. mmbow/lightning camping.

- Access to the ammo triggers doesn't have to require the use of dynamic props. If its more difficult without props, it still fulfills its purpose in deterring unwilling players.

- Exposure was a massive issue during the making of the map. Ideas for reducing it would be greatly appreciated and I'll fix the map as soon as the editor is working again.

For now, is it possible to put the map online for a trial?
04.10.2010, 08:01
online - but needs fixing

I'll upgrade it to green "online" if and when you go back to it.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays69
Game draws13
Human wins26
Beast wins30
Avg. minutes22

In-Game Reviews
22.06.2014, 19:43
17.01.2013, 22:24
09.10.2012, 11:29
cant believe at
09.10.2012, 11:29
12.03.2012, 17:47
the map is full of crap. Can't win, both teams can hold it forever
07.03.2012, 18:59
shit map

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