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Submitted by Sleazoid on 20.05.2008
DescriptionA slight edit of avenue_winter to make it... more playable for HvH on the Girls' Stronghold server.

Changes from avenue_winter to avenue_rb:

- The sky and fog were made brighter, as the map previously gave a gloomy feeling rather than a winter feeling.
- Added an extra mudent to the forward's set of mudents and a mudent to the set of monkits near base.
- The goldmines were removed. All they do is get in the way~
- The hut_fence structure was moved to the middle, as it previously gave t2 the advantage of being able to deploy siege through it (while t1 could not). Portions of the bottom were removed to prevent the structure from dividing mid into two.
- The waterfall was removed, as it made it difficult for t2 to deploy siege against t1's mid from the bottom level.
- Ladders were added to the ends of the hut_fence structure so that defending units can get up there to attack siege (though it's unlikely they'll need to since siege must now take extra effort to get up there in the first place). This also makes it easier to deploy siege against mid from the bottom level.
- Two stone mines were added to mid (afaik, they are not minable by workers and requires some effort to reloc mine if you don't hold mid). Since avenue does not take well to commander rushes, avenue's games tend to become long and both commanders will employ a turtling tactic, which doesn't work very well with just 24000 stone for each team. The mid stone should hopefully place more importance on holding mid, and allow progress to be made on deadlocked situations.
- Depressions were added to the areas near where the goldmines were. This improves the effectiveness of defensive builds at mid (the shield towers will be at lower elevation, making them harder to siege, and also placing more importance on getting the stone for demoruns), and should hopefully stray commanders away from the barebones mid build that they've been using lately.
- The rocks at mid were made slightly bigger, as it seems not every commander is aware of how to hide his garrison behind them. This should make it easier.

These changes were made to make the map more fair to both sides, to help bring drawy games to a conclusion, and to encourage commanders to go with a more defensive build at mid.

Changes from avenue_rb to avenue_rb2:

- Fences were moved around at mid stone to prevent players from getting stuck inside (it's still possible, but you have to intentionally manipulate stuck code to get in there). It is now impossible to mine through the fences to reach the stone.
- Terrain around t1 SH was fixed, the SH was floating earlier.

Had to upload the map as a new version because it was playtested on a public server.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromavenue_winter
Map Statusoffline - old, redundant version
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

Rating: 3 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
The Hungry Predator
28.05.2008, 15:31
Occluders: Good
Grimms Walls: N/A
FPS: Good
Worker Pathing: Good
Balance: Good
Props: Good, But Messy Fencings In The Mid (No Must)
Textures: Good
Suggestions: Retarded Wall_prop in mid (No Must Fix, Was Part Of Original Avenue) :o Fix Overhead, The Two Mid Mines Are Not Shown On It..
Overall: Fix Overhead Then Its Good
15.09.2013, 17:11
Apparently HvH edit, offline.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays13
Game draws0
Human wins10
Beast wins3
Avg. minutes16

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