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Savage XR Downloads: SFE+ aka Sweet!s minigames linux
File Details:
SFE+ Adds support for the mods:-
And you can play normal maps also.

Other features Also included:-
com weapons (sv_superweaps)*
group buffs (sv_gb)
extra ref commands (sv_extrarefcmds)
swear filter (sv_chatfilter,sv_chatfilterstring)*
no noob com (sv_electcommanders)
*can cause random crash :S still working on that :)
UID ref check out the refs.cfg
sv_extrarefcmds 1,normal god refs will have extras
sv_extrarefcmds 0,only UID uber refs will have extras

unsupport things O_o
start of premium items (sv_freebies,/ref special)
freebie mode was to test them, double jump doesnt work^^
hostile maps, the super weapons will fall (sv_hostile)
die if below this height 0 is off (sv_fallen)
horrible idea to help newbies (sv_noob)
colour game names (sv_colournames)

All the configs are there to play with

Extra ref cmds O_o... :-
ref fly , they fly, melee stops
ref mob , npcs will chase this guy
ref ride , you will ride this guy
ref tele , you will teleport this guy with flux/launcher
ref tele, to return to normal
ref give , gives stuff
ref state , like buffs
ref unit , will change the guys unit
ref heal , will heal the person
ref add , will spawn a??
ref drone , will give you a shooting mist shroud x2 ftw :D
ref rdrone , will remove them :P
ref name , gave an idiot his real name :P
ref spec , OMGZ there on t3 but dont know it yet xD
ref muteall, but the ref calling it
ref unmuteall
ref specall, pugs?
ref pog, forced pug, public organised game :D
one person can join each team, once com names said in chat will pull the player to there team :)
ref nopainall, reverse damage, good sub for pause :P, and fun xD
ref pain, back to normal
ref to move buildings but you need my client and these binds :O (aka stack-o-meter game.dll)
Added By:
Sweet! on February 18, 2008, 02:45:48 am

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By Trigardon 14-07-2016
To whoever is still interested in this:

Serverside auth fixing:
set sv_authserver
set sv_authserverport 14337
Posted By Sweet! 27-02-2008
to fix auth edit autoexec.cfg, found in /savage/game/

set sv_authserver

set cl_authserver
set clan_icon_url [LINK]
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