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Savage XR Downloads: Savage Linux Standalone Installer (SFE Mod)
File Details:

This is the Linux SFE standalone client and requires no prior Savage installation. You maybe interested in the Public Beta of Savage XR an upgrade to SFE which can be found at [LINK]

For information on what SFE is read this page here.

For instruction on how to install savage look in our forum in the 'Savage' board at the topic 'here'.


1. Extract the file using tar zxvf SFE-Standalone.tar.gz into a dir.

2. Download and install the SFE* patch here

3. Start the game using the script

For the savage orginal manual in pdf check the "Misc" download section.
Added By:
DJ on January 17, 2007, 09:11:14 pm

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By Django 29-04-2008
64bit Ubuntu Hardy users should read this post about an issue with domain name resolution: [LINK]
Posted By raybeez 17-03-2008
Seems the version of libpng in the 'libs' directory doesn't match up with the version expected by silverback. If you don't have libpng 1.2.8 installed on your system, silverback will fail to load. I downloaded & built a local copy of it, and copied the lib files/symlinks into 'libs' and all is well.

This was on a Fedora Core 8 system, with libpng 1.2.22. The version included in 'libs' is 1.2.15. Silverback stricly expects 1.2.8.

Just noting this in case anyone else has problems. Cheers!
Posted By Django 25-02-2008
Please note that Savage may not work on Linux systems using ATI based graphics cards. If you experience any issues please post in the forum.
Posted By Django 08-12-2007
If you experience sound issues, like stuttering, when playing Savage install the package alsa-oss and start Savage with the command:

you@yourpc$ aoss ./<savage_executable>

If your running a 64bit Debian based operating system, like ubuntu, the package you need can be found at this [LINK]
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