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Savage XR Downloads: Savage 1 Source Code (Version 2.0e)
File Details:
This zip file contains the original 2.0e full source code including the game sdk and engine. This does not include the code base for SEP/SFE/XR. have supplied this source code in the hope that you, a potential developer, will find it useful as a learning tool, with the intent of helping us to continue the development of Savage 1.

If you would like to ask questions about the source code please do so at our forums: [LINK] or using the comment system below.
Added By:
Django on January 22, 2008, 03:59:43 am

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By jazzking 24-01-2014
It sounds like you are looking for the specific unit implementations, godilya. These are imported from savage0.s2z at runtime to allow for modding and simplifying balancing. You can find this file in the game folder of you savage installation.
Posted By Django 29-10-2008
Yep doesnt seem to help though :)
Posted By Bjarne 14-06-2008
Bit off topic but I would like to know - Savage 2 is written in C++ isn't it?
Posted By Coelamon 21-04-2008
thank you for source. me this source little useful.
sting that SFE will not distribute.
i need create its SFE :)
Posted By Aneurysm 01-04-2008
Thanks guys, apprieciated
Posted By supermidget 30-03-2008
is everything in this download meant to be text files, or do i not have the right software to run it?
Posted By godilya 16-02-2008
I am looking for the main char struct, Wher is it?
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