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Savage XR Downloads: Overhead Map Generator
File Details:
Given a folder with a map archive's extracted files (use WinRAR or any other ZIP program to open .s2z files), it will be able to generate an overhead map image.
The program comes with a certain graphical style, but feel free to modify it and use our own textures. If you think you found a good style, export it and share it with other ppl at the discussion topic. I will also include the better one in future distributions of this program ;-)

Please post any comments, suggestions or questions you have on this program in the discussion topic: [LINK]

Upon request, an example image showing what the program is capable of: [LINK]

This program requires the MS .net Framework 1.1 which is available at [LINK]
Added By:
Notausgang on April 27, 2007, 12:39:44 am

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By Musicvilla 30-01-2010
Posted By 26-06-2009
what worked very well? i want to use de overhead generator and i dont know how =(

Posted By Ulquiorra 16-02-2009
O_O amazing well doen im in your debt =D
Posted By 30-11-2007
Wow cool it work very well gj Notausgang!
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