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Viewing Wish #3: Bug tracker system info
Category Map Editor Posted By Senthryl Last Updated Oct 24, 2008
Assigned to Status Accepted
Description It would be nice to have people submitting bugs to the bug tracker to include their system information (OS, hardware, firewall/av software, etc.) when they post bugs.  Maybe a way for everyone to store multiple configurations (if they have multiple systems) and then, when submitting a bug, use dropdown menus to select whether the bug appears on their different systems and/or if they haven't tested on those systems.

Ex: I have 3 computers and I store their hardware and software details in three profiles: UberPC, PC, and CrapPC.  Then, when I submit a bug, I include:
UberPC - bug appears
PC - bug does not appear
CrapPC - untested

This way we (as developers) can easily nail down any problems with the system that may be causing the bug, or easily identify trends with bugs that only appear for certain people.

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on 2008-10-24 18:44:41

Automated Messages:
The status for this bug has been changed from New to Accepted.

Admin Comment:
Getting there...
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