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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Ophelia [seanb]  (Read 15508 times)
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« on: July 26, 2009, 05:31:30 pm »

Disclaimer: This is by no means the best guide available. We can all agree that it is in fact the ugliest one possible. This is how I play Ophelia. It may not work for you or in all situations!

I'm not one for fancy introductions. I'm certainly not very good at writing and I'm pretty awful at Heroes of Newerth. I, however, feel that the strategy forum is an invaluable resource to new players. That being said, this is my contribution.

I. Background/General Concepts
Ophelia is an intellect hero. She is a port from the DOTA hero Chen. This means that in order to excel with Ophelia, you'll require the same skillset that Chen players did. This involves:
-Decent Micro
-Global Hero Awareness
-A love for the forests outside your base.

This hero is very micro dependent. I recommend you be accustomed to hotkeys. I use the following hero/creep hotkey assignments:
1: Ophelia
2: All 3 controlled creeps
3: Ophelia + Creeps
Be able to cycle through them quickly. It is very important that you can use these hotkeys and control your creeps and heroes independently. The creeps are a very important part to your success in the first 30-40minutes of the game and can be a deciding factor in the late game.

Ophelia ganking is a bit different than an average hero. You'll need to be able to micro your creeps and hero while communicating with your teammates. Sometimes the best course of action involves splitting Ophelia from her creeps so they can flank a hero. This is where hotkeys come in handly. You can quickly select all of your creeps to sneak around behind an enemy hero while you send Ophelia in front to distract them. Then you get to create the Ophelia sandwich! Close in with creeps while chasing with Ophelia. If you listened and hung onto those Minotaur creeps you now get 6seconds of stun if done properly! I've yet to see a hero last through that in the early to mid game stage of the game.

Hero Awareness:
Hero awareness can mean two things in the scope of the guide. Firstly, Ophelia's ultimate ability is a global heal for your teammates. You need to be ready to use this at the drop of the hat. Secondly, you are very vulnerable to ganking while neutral creeping. you'll want to note any missing heroes, especially those in a lane near you.

II. Start of the Game (Level ~1-5)
Items: Ward of Sightx1, Monkey Courierx1, Runes of the Blightx2
Skill: Command
Focus: Neutral Creeping (aka Jungling)

***Share your courier with your teammates.***

Ophelia's main strength is her ability to jungle at the start of the game. She is able to farm relatively unimpeded in the jungle. She is able to maintain an even level with the rest of the heroes while allowing 2 heroes on her team to solo a lane.

Begin by planting one Ward of Sight within vision of the nearest rune spawn to your jungle. This varies by map and side. For example, if you are playing the Legion side of Forests of Caldavar you would place your Ward in the river on the right hand side of the map.

You'll then want to stay around there until about the 25second mark, neutral creeps spawn at the 30second mark, then head to the nearest light or dark orange camp. Command the large creep and proceed to let them tank the damage while you toss in some damage. Rinse and repeat. From time to time you'll need to micro(controlling a unit) your low HP pet away from the neutrals. This minimizes the damage it will take and if done properly will allow you to continue attacking with Ophelia.

III. Early Game (Level ~6-11)
Items: Steam Boots(Str/Int)
Commanded Creeps(3): Minotaurs and/or Catmen Neutrals
Focus: Neutral Creeping and Lane ganks

At this point, you should have a feel for the hero. Continue to farm the neutrals. If your bottom or mid lane needs assistance, bring your army of neutrals to bear on those harassing your teammates. You'll notice the Commanded creeps listed as Minotaur or Catmen, this is because they are the highest damage creeps and offer a unique spell that will enhance your arsenal. The AoE stomp! Minotaur off a Stun AoE stomp and Catmen offer the Slow AoE stomp. They are both very high DPS neutrals and can easily solo a hero silly enough to stand near them at this level.

The Steam Boots should be toggled between Int and Str based on the situation. If you are going to gank a hero or feel a gank is coming, toggle them to Str. If you are just farming toggle them to Int for the additional damage.

IV. Mid Game (Level ~11-18)
Items: Steam Boots(Str), Wildflower, Whispering Helm
Commanded Creeps(3+): Minotaurs and/or Catmen Neutrals
Focus: Lane Pushing and Lane/Hero ganks

This is where you should have a rather large margin in items. You've been farming, usually unimpeded, for about 25-30minutes or more. You may even have a hero kill or two. Wildflower is an incredible damage boost and the silence is priceless when facing enemy heroes. You'll also enjoy Ophelia's nuke, Ophelia's Judgement, which can do a very large amount of burst when coupled with the aftereffect of Wildflower's silence and Nature's Wrath.

You should now start to push lanes with your team. You're looking for a team fight at this point, you should have a hero level advantage due to 2 in part to 2 solo heroes. Your neutral creeps are also still putting out quite a bit of damage, which the other team isn't always prepared for. You want to end the game here or at the very least take down a tower or two and a barracks. You are not a carry. You do not scale as well to the end game.

V. Late Game (Level ~18-25)
Items: Steam Boots(str), Wildflower, Whispering Helm, Shieldbreaker, Daemonic Breast Plate and/or Behemoth's Heart
Commanded Creeps(3+): Minotaurs, Catmen, Aura Neutrals
Focus: Lane pushes, Team fights, Hero ganks

This isn't a phase of the game you want to proceed into without the upperhand. Hopefully you had a successful mid game and took the lead, otherwise you're in for a nail biter. Continue doing what you were doing in the mid game. At this point you should expect all fights to be a team fight. Use your Wildflower to silence a nuker (Pyromancer, etc) or support (Demented Shaman, etc). You'll want to put Nature's Wrath on the main target for the slow and additional damage when it wears off. Use Ophelia's Judgement to finish off low HP heroes.

Your commanded creeps at this point aren't your damage output. They play the role of aura support (movement speed, attack speed, and damage increase) or AoE stun. This doesn't mean they are useless, but they should be used in a support capacity as opposed to sheer damage. They make excellent obstacles to block pathing of enemy heroes as well.

VI. Skill Placement
1. Command
2. Nature's Wrath
3. Command
4. Nature's Wrath
5. Command
6. Ophelia's Touch
7. Nature's Wrath
8. Nature's Wrath
9. Ophelia's Judgement*
10. Ophelia's Judgement
11. Ophelia's Touch
12. Ophelia's Judgement
13. Ophelia's Judgement
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Ophelia's Touch
17-24. Stats
25. Command
*: You may want to spend one point in Ophelia's Judgement before level 9 to teleport heroes and creeps to the pool.

VII. Item Progression
This is the order in which I purchase my items. Remember to use your courier to get them to your hero in the jungle! Anything that speeds up your creeping is a good thing.

Steam Boots:
-Gloves of the Swift
-Bolstering Armbands

-Steam Staff x3
-Apprentice Robe
-Apprentice Robe
-Apprentice Robe

Whispering Helm
-Hungry Spirit
-Helm of the Victim

-Warhammer x2

Optional Items:

Daemonic Brest Plate - Higher dps for Ophelia and teammates.
-Plate Mail
-Ring Mail

Behemoth's Heart - Larger HP pool to survive burst oriented teams.
-Axe of the Malphai
-Beast Heart

Shaman's Headdress - Magic armor to avoid magic burst.
-Mystic Vestments
-Helm of the Victim
-Trinket of Restoration x2


Courtesy to seanb @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com

Gamer and a medical student...
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