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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Guest 01:47:17 am Viewing the topic Mafia 3 - Fair play ain't dead - GAME OVER!.
Guest 01:37:43 am Viewing the map xr_quests.
Guest 01:47:52 am Viewing the topic Little goodie.
Guest 01:44:35 am Viewing the topic INFO: XR 1.0 Beta - Feature List & Change Log.
Guest 01:45:55 am Viewing the server details of
Guest 01:42:44 am Viewing the map loster.
Guest 01:47:56 am Viewing the topic My Signature's. :).
Guest 01:42:24 am Viewing the topic A possible solution to prevent disputes.
Guest 01:43:41 am Viewing the topic The way to go is still long to resurect SAVAGE....
Guest 01:40:55 am Viewing basanaki's profile.
Guest 01:40:35 am Viewing the map strep.
Guest 01:40:59 am Viewing the memberlist.
Guest 01:37:18 am Viewing the board index of Newerth Forums.
Guest 01:40:34 am Viewing the topic Nero needs a proper EU clan.
Guest 01:48:21 am Viewing the board Support Forum.
Guest 01:39:14 am Viewing the topic A story about a guy called Tjens..
Guest 01:39:04 am Viewing the topic Terra Server (Brazillian).
Guest 01:39:19 am Viewing the topic Whats Going On With The Map Admins?.
Guest 01:39:30 am Viewing the Savage 1 Gallery.
Guest 01:34:30 am Viewing the topic SUGGESTIONS: Ideas, changes for the wiki?.
Guest 01:34:43 am Viewing the topic Death by revive bug.....
Guest 01:37:02 am Viewing the topic Pimp My Summ.
Guest 01:41:51 am Viewing the topic Week Nine Matchups.
Guest 01:41:54 am Printing the topic "Week 1 - eoN vs -eXp-".
Guest 01:46:05 am Posting in Gameplay changes test month.
Guest 01:44:38 am Viewing the topic Hello.
Guest 01:44:44 am Viewing Luksenberg's profile.
Guest 01:44:50 am Viewing the topic The Ultimate List of Clan Names.
Guest 01:44:55 am Viewing the topic Reworked menu look and feel.
Guest 01:45:00 am Viewing the board Patch Notes.
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